Rates for Photo Shoots
(and what I deliver)

Band and Social Event Photography

My fees in 2014 currently are the following:

  • If your intent with the photos is "display only", i.e., posting them on your website or myspace page, or using them in graphics to decorate your website or myspace page, or using them in flyers to advertise gigs, then the rates are:

    • Are you an original band and playing just one set of music for your gig - or playing longer but want photos during just one set?  This is $50 per band set.

    • Are you a cover band performing all night (e.g. 10p-close), and you want pictures taken all night?  Then it's $100 flat rate for all-night coverage.

    • Are you asking for a promotional (i.e. posed, on-location) photo shoot?  This rate is $75 per hour, with a minimum charge of two hours.

    • Are you asking for "documentary" photo coverage of a special event such as a birthday party, reunion, video shoot stills, exhibition, trade fair, etc? This is $75 per hour, with a minimum charge of two hours.

  • If your intent with these photos is "commercial use", i.e., putting them on merchandise you will sell or using them in your CD art, then the photo shoot fee will be 3x higher than the base rates listed above.

  • If you wish to buy out my copyright rights, the photo shoot fee will be 5x higher than the base rates listed above.

  • Cover charge, ticket, and/or parking if the event you wish me to shoot at requires such a thing.

** What You Get **

Included in this price:  Two copies of each image (one low-resolution with my watermark and one high resolution without watermark).  Basic editing, cropping, and color correcting (i.e. things that will help you enjoy the photos more). Indexing of images.  Processed images are delivered to you on CD in about a week. I retain the original images and copyright rights.

Not included: Digital backgrounds, graphic art treatments. (A graphic artist of your choosing can do that work if that's what you have in mind. Just be sure to give me photo credit.)

** Limitations **

I retain copyright rights to all images. This means that you cannot redistribute or sell my images, unless the contract between you and I specifies commercial use.

I do not do extensive graphic design, flyers, banners, webmastering, or scripting.  However, regarding web sites, I *CAN* help you with overall structure and navigation to organize your content and help your web site visitors find things easily.

Weddings and Portraits

Standard photography for weddings and portraits is also available.  Photography services and print orders are priced separately to be more flexible to your needs.  Prints are available at " la carte" pricing instead of packages at whatever quantities and sizes you wish.  Albums and special treatments are also available.  Please contact me to discuss what you are looking for.

  • Weddings may range from two hours to a full 8-hour day or longer; from a simple justice of the peace service to a formal church wedding with a large wedding party. Therefore the rate for your own wedding depends on your plans for the day. Please contact me to discuss your needs.
  • For portraits or other posed shots, you may have your sitting in a professional photo studio or other location or natural setting of your choice.  The rate for a portrait shoot is  $75/hour.  Prints are priced separately on an " la carte" basis.  For studio shoots, an additional nominal studio rental fee applies (I borrow the space), and will be confirmed when we schedule your session.

Proof images will be made available for your review. Standard retouching enhancements will be done only on images that are ordered for prints.

Payment Terms

Payment for photo shoot services is due no later than delivery of images to you. For weddings, please remit a deposit of 50% as a reservation when you book your day with me. Balance is due when proof images are delivered to you.

Payment for ordered prints is due when you place your order with me. Money orders, credit cards (through paypal), and cash are all accepted. Coming in 2014: Credit card payment via my smartphone.


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