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Of course I want to share my pictures with people; that's what this web site is all about. But I'm not keen on people taking copies without my knowledge. So I've added a few protections to the pictures and pages of this site to prevent, deter, or discourage downloading. Here's why:

It's the law.

We're talking federal copyright law. I own the photographic images (and their copyright) by virtue of taking the pictures. The law says: it is illegal for anyone to make unauthorized copies for their own use or for commercial use without my permission.  This means if you do Right-Click>Save As, or a File>Save As, or even make a screen capture of what's on your monitor and crop out the photo -- you are breaking a federal law, even if it's you in the picture.

For more information about copyright law that you ever cared to learn about, please visit the United States Copyright Office web site.

I intend to protect the subjects' rights to privacy.

There is an inherent level of trust between a photographer and the subjects in the images. Meaning, they know that pictures I take of them will be either for their use or for my web site, and will appear nowhere else without their knowledge. I believe it is part of my job to prevent the images from going anywhere else without the subject's knowledge or consent. Otherwise their rights to privacy are put at risk.

If I receive a request for a photo with you in it, by someone other than you, I will ask you to sign a release form so that you know exactly where your likeness is going and why. You have every right to refuse if you don't want your image to be used for that purpose. To read about why photographers use release forms, check out this informational page from the American Society of Media Photographers.

I will share images upon request.

If you are in one of my pictures and would like a copy for personal use, just ask. I will email you a copy.  If you intend to print or apply graphic treatments to one of these low resolution images, or use it as PC desktop wallpaper, let me know your intent in advance so that I can send you a high-resolution version of the image without my watermark on it, or you may be very disappointed in the quality. And I don't want you to be disappointed! (Plus it makes my images look lower quality than they are, and I don't want that to happen.)

If you want a photo of someone else, the law requires that I will first need that person's permission. If you represent a business or commercial web site and would like to license an image for commercial use, I will first need to secure the subject(s) approval on a standard Image/Model Release form before I send out any images to you. Please write to me to discuss your requirements and my per-image usage rates.


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