About the Photographer

Kathy Wyrwas has been working in the Detroit music scene and APBA Gold Cup races since May 2005, and studio shooting since 2009.

It all started one day when I stumbled across a local cover band that was REALLY good, and wanted to share the experience with friends through photos. So I bought my first digital camera, a 1.3 MP Sony Mavica. I soon moved up to a “bridge” camera (Fuji 5000) and after about a year with that, I jumped into the DSLR world.

After always being seen at local shows with camera in hand, the nickname “Photo Kathy” was coined. (SO much easier than trying to spell my last name..!) Networking with locals led to meeting a local record label owner and guitar builder, which led to meeting more musicians, etc. I worked with Detroit Live Magazine in its early days, covered a M&G event with Seether and Saving Abel for the New Blondie’s, shot some “making of” work at recording studios, staff for Rockin for the Hurricane charity event (for Katrina assistance) held in Mt Clemens MI – and, mostly, have met tons of amazing creative people. Taking photographs of people on stage doing what they love is a joy!!

My “day job” is in the fields of technology, software engineering, and user assistance. Ten years' experience as a programmer/analyst on manufacturing and engineering database projects, working since 1996 as a technical writer of servicing documentation and user documentation, both in print, online, and video formats.

Contact me at:  kathy@holdstilldetroit.com .


Canon 50D (digital SLR) with Canon 20D as backup



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